VALUES - Aircraft, Engines, and Helicopters

REDBOOK contains detailed statistics sections for every aircraft model. Users get access to an overview of fleet statistics as well as technical, availability and values data.

Lease Encumbered Values

Organize data by MSN, operator, MTOW, Engine, transaction date, and more. Calculate future Lease Encumbered Value.

Vital Aircraft Details

Access current market, base, and future values at half-life, full-life, and in a soft market for over 120 aircraft models!

Unlimited Exports

Export, Graph, and Compare aircraft values and other statistics in PDF/XLSX with no cap on downloads.

User-Friendly Platform

Finding assets is easy with REDBOOK's advanced search capabilities. Search by model,manufacturer, or MSN. The platform's search bar allows users to search for assets from any page within the platform.

Engine Values

REDBOOK provides complete technical, operational and values information for each engine model

Important Engine Information

Find details about engine EIS, thrust, fan diameter, fuel consumption, compressor stages, and turbine stages.

Current Engine Values

View Current Engine Market Value, Base Values and Lease Rate.

Project Engine Values

See Future Engine Values in Half Life Base Values and a Monthly Lease Rate Range!

Unlimited Exports

Easily export an unlimited number of engines to a portfolio or to PDF/XLSX.

Helicopter Values

REDBOOK contains values data for helicopters created by our team of expert appraisers. Our coverage includes commercial models produced by Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Leonardo, and Sikorsky.

Access operating and configuration information about each helicopter model.

Find details about aircraft EIS and production life, body type and sector, engine, MTOW range, and typical seating capacity.

View Current and Future Base and Market Values.

Easily compare and export similar helicopters to a portfolio.

Markets & Trends

Markets & Trends gives aircraft investors a powerful tool to track the values of assets over time. Gain insight on market dynamics by mapping out an aircraft model's market or base value history.

Compare Multiple Indicators

Benchmark aircraft values with macro-economic indicators like oil prices, LIBOR, GDP and currency rates.

Make Quick Charts

Export colorful and informative charts for use in documents for analysis, visualization and presentations.

Customizable Graph

Expand or contract the timeline to highlight specific time periods of interest.

Data Visulization & Unlimited Exports

Print directly from REDBOOK or download the graph as a PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG file.

Portfolio & ABS/EETC Packages

The Portfolio module allows users to create groups of aircraft and assets for further analysis. By saving aircraft of interest to personal folders, users can return in future quarters to quickly access mba's revised values data for those assets.

Unlimited Asset Portfolios

Manage aircraft assets easier and faster with the REDBOOK Portfolio module. Create an unlimited number of portfolios with multiple aircraft & engines assets.

Collaboration & Values Data

Portfolio may be shared among REDBOOK users to speed up your team's workflow. Portfolio displays the lot's current and future aggregated half-life, full-life, soft value, and lease rate range!

Detailed ABS & EETC Data

Access turnkey Portfolios for all ABS and EETC deals prepared by mba's team. Portfolio values data is updated automatically every quarter.

Unlimited Exports

Portfolio allows for unlimited exports to Excel or CSV files!

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