Utilize the powerful in-browser pivot table to perform complex analysis on mba’s global commercial Fleet database of over 46,000 aircraft. Easily obtain technical ownership, operational, and transactional information.

Vital Aircraft Information

Easily obtain technical ownership, operational, and transactional information.

Customize Data

Access Lease order transactions from aircraft manufacturers dating back to 1955. Organize data by 47 different factors including MSN, current operator, transaction date, and model.

Easy Collaboration

Build custom reports and pivot tables with bespoke data table configurations and filters, and share them with your team members.

Unlimited Exports

Fleet also allows for unlimited exports to XLSX/CSV.

MX4 Maintenance Forecasting

Project Maintenance

MX4 users are better able to anticipate cashflows and maintenance events which will occur throughout the life of an aircraft.

Cost & Maintenance Forecasts

MX4 includes built-in functions to leverage mba's technical and valuations knowledge to include preset figures such as cost escalation, cost assumptions, and maintenance intervals.

Up-to-Date Aircraft Information

MX4 uses mba's FLEET data to incorporate accurate, updated information to perform forecasts. Share forecasts with colleagues for enhanced workflow.

Data Visualizations & Unlimited Exports

MX4 generates graphs and data visualizations to support the user's business case. Leverage unlimited exports and downloads for easy off-platform analysis.

Asset Tracking

Non-Activity Alert

Users can track how long aircraft have remained on the ground, simply by specifying a custom time inteval between flights.

Incident Alerts

Receive alerts if tracked assets are involved in incidents. Frequency of alerts can be customized.

Storage Location Arrival

REDBOOK monitors tracked aircraft and will send users alerts if the aircraft lands at a known storage facility. This helps users to spot aircraft entering short or long-term storage.

Jurisdictional Alerts

Custom alerts notify users whenever their tracked aircraft land in specific geographies. This helps users to stay informed if their aircraft land in restricted jurisdictions or if the aircraft may have entered subleasing arrangements outside of the original zone of operation.

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