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Experience the intuitive user interface and a values dataset exceeding two decades that help subscribers access timely, accurate, and valuable data about aviation assets.


Access current market, base and future values at half-life, full-life and in a soft market for over 120 aircraft and over 180 engine models. REDBOOK also contains values data for helicopters created by our team of expert appraisers and includes commercial models produced by Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Leonardo, and Sikorsky.


Utilize the powerful in-browser pivot table to perform complex analysis on mba's global commercial FLEET database of over 46,000 aircraft. Quickly model an aircraft's maintenance costs and schedule to evaluate the long-term relationship between maintenance costs and aircraft values.


The Portfolios module allows users to create groups of aircraft and assets for further analysis. By saving aircraft of interest to personal folders, users can return future quarters to quickly access mba's revised values data for those aircraft.


REDBOOK is built on a set of RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interface) with solid authentication that can provide you with a unique key to access our data directly. We tailor each API to the client's unique needs and ensure optimal performance and compatibilty.


REDBOOK contains detailed statistics sections for every aircraft model. Users can access over 45 parameters that describe technical, ownership and operational characteristics and manipulate data right in our online pivot table. Access current market, base, and future values at half-life, full-life, and in a soft market. Finding assets is easy with REDBOOK's advanced search capabilities. Subscribers can search by model, manufacturer, or MSN.


Accessible Commercial Aircraft


Engine models!

Over 45

Parameters to sort data by including technical specs, operational, and ownership information.

1.2 Million+

API requests handled monthly!

Capital Markets Module

Explore pre-populated ABS & EETC portfolios containing current market values, base values, and future values with quarterly updates. Access the turnkey ABS & EETC deals with the Capital Markets package today!

REDBOOK Values Packages

  Capital Markets Package Base Values Package Advanced Values Package
Engine Values
Helicopter Values
PORTFOLIOS module with prepopulated ABS & EETC Read Only
Priority Support
Fleet data for over 46,000 commercial aircraft
MX4 Maintenance Forecasting
Asset Tracking
Alert Monitor
API access
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